Chicken Sweet Potato Bake



6-8 slices Bread (torn in large pieces)

2 12.5oz cans Chicken (Drained)

1 29oz can Cut Sweet Potatoes (1 lbs 13oz) (Yams)

8-ounce shredded Cheddar cheese

6 large eggs

1 cup milk or half & half


Spray bottom of 13X9" pan with cooking oil.

Tear bread into larger pieces and make a layer on bottom of pan.

Drain chicken. Break up chicken with fingers and layer over bread.

Reserve 1 cup juice from canned Sweet Potatoes.

Layer Sweet potatoes over chicken, breaking up larger pieces.

Layer cheddar over potatoes.

Whisk together the eggs, milk, and cup of reserved juice. mix well.

Pour over top of casserole.


I made this recipe up by substituting items and layering like the Sausage Breakfast Casserole :)