Bourbon Slushie (or Vodka Cranberry slushie)


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3 tea bags

2 cup hot water steep with the tea bags 5 MIN.

1 cup Sugar

6 cup cold water

2 cup bourbon or whiskey (or Vodka)

6 oz frozen orange juice (or cranberry juice concentrate)

12 oz frozen lemonade


Discard tea bags after steeping. Add all the ingredients in a large pot or bowl. Pour into tupperware or some kind of container to freeze, leaving some head space for expansion while freezing.

I use two larger square ziplock containers.

Vodka Cranberry Slushie: Just substitute Vodka for bourbon and cranberry juice for the OJ.


I make this one before Christmas every year to have on hand for drinks. And if I need some Christmas Spirit! so to speak!

Freeze for at least 24 hours.